Four 65's teams participated in Pony All-Stars this season, and the results speak for themselves:

Congrats to all for an outstanding showing!!

65's teams represent Rocklin Pony Baseball, a successful Northern California Pony program serving over 500 Placer County families.

       Affordable                            not 'daddy ball'                           part of pony    

While most tournament teams charge high monthly fees as well as other charges, 65's teams offer an affordable alternative without sacrificing quality.

Rocklin 65's is a Select/Travel program for players who desire a more intense baseball experience. 65's players and coaches are expected to put forth considerable time, effort, and commitment beyond that for a typical regular season. Participants will be rewarded with more frequent playing opportunities under more challenging circumstances with more intensive coaching and training.

65's teams are evaluated and formed by a panel to ensure a fair and talented selection process.  65's teams have fared well in several local and regional tournaments.

  • Three 1st Place District Finishes
  • Two 2nd Place Section Finishes
  • Two 1st and One 2nd Region Finishes
  • Two 1st and Two 2nd Super Region Finishes
  • Three Zone Appearances

An Amazing Year!